HLBN Attends The 12th Annual Chinese American Film Festival
TIME:2016-11-02   AUTHOR:HLBN

On October 30th, a press briefing for Chinese film and television leaders at the 12th Chinese American Film Festival was held at the American Eagle Dragon Media Cultural Center. HLBN was invited to attend as a representative of leading Chinese-American film and television enterprises. At the meeting, Yang Zheng, Deputy Director General of the China General Administration of Press and Publication¡¯s TV Drama Department served as part of the Chinese American Film Festival¡¯s organizing committee and delivered a speech in regards to cooperation between Chinese and American TV series for the first time. Distinguished guests included the chairman of the Chinese American Film Festival Su Yantao, the chairman of EDI Media Inc., and representatives from other Chinese media companies.

Yang Zheng added, ¡°This year, the State Administration of Radio and Television of China sent a delegation to participate in the Chinese American Film Festival for the first time, expressing our intent to cooperate with our American peers in the field of drama, as well as look for cooperation possibilities between the two sides in regards to drama. Despite cultural differences, I believe that with the joint efforts of both sides we will be able to find agreement and a common starting point. By doing so we will promote the development of bilateral cooperation in the field of drama.¡± Su Yantao stated in his speech that this media meeting on the one hand serves as a warmup for the Chinese American TV Drama Forum to be held on Nov. 1st, 2016, but on the other hand represents the Chinese TV drama industry¡¯s Hollywood debut. When talking about the prospect of Chinese and American TV series cooperation, Liu Dehong expressed that China's TV industry has the production foundations and abilities to create dramas for an international audience.

Since its establishment, HLBN has been committed to reaching out to overseas markets as part of China¡¯s soft power initiative in order create content for a global audience. HLBN TV dramas such as ¡°Doudou vs. Her Mother-in-Law¡± and ¡°We Love You, Mr. Jin¡± were broadcasted throughout the Asia Pacific region, North America, Australia, Africa and dozens of other countries and regions. The company enjoys high visibility and influence in overseas markets, and has continuously won the title of "Key Enterprises of National Cultural Export"

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