HLBN TV Drama Lineup Unveiled at the MIPTV Cannes TV Festival
TIME:2017-04-08   AUTHOR:HLBN

At the 4-day MIPTV Cannes TV Festival, HLBN unveiled its line-up of excellent TV shows and programs including ¡°Midnight Diner¡±, ¡°The King¡¯s Woman¡±, ¡°Office¡±, and ¡°Hey Muse¡±to the global marketplace, engaging in numerous discussions with customers from Europe, the United States, the Middle East and other regions. At the same time, HLBN also pursued further international cooperation with European and American countries, as well as countries apart of the "Belt and Road Initiative".

As the world's largest and most influential audio, visual, and digital content fair, the MIPTV Cannes TV Festival attracts TV acquisition executives from over 100 countries and regions. This year¡¯s MIPTV Cannes TV Festival attracted a total of more than 11,000 industry professionals from around the world. As a leading integrated Chinese media group, HLBN held negotiations with more than 50 customers in order to explore opportunities in content rights and licensing. HLBN¡¯s ¡°Midnight Diner¡±, ¡°The King¡¯s Woman¡±, and ¡°Office¡± received a warm reception from European, American, and Middle Eastern buyers at the festival.

TV drama ¡°Midnight Diner¡± is an adaptation of the eponymous comic book written by Japanese cartoonist Abe Yaro. The drama takes place in a nighttime diner located in a bustling city lane. By combining heartwarming dishes and stirring conversations, ¡°Midnight Diner¡± serves up a hearty helping of uplifting entertainment for audiences around the world. This TV drama is directed by famous director Cai Yuexun and stars Huang Lei, Mark Chao, and Ning Chang. The drama will be broadcasted on Zhejiang Satellite TV and Beijing Satellite TV in June 2017.

The youth period-costume blockbuster ¡°The King¡¯s Woman¡± starring Dilraba and Zhang Binbin tells a story of love and conspiracy between the King¡¯s palace and the outside world. In addition to the drama¡¯s famous actors and actresses, ¡°The King¡¯s Woman¡± also boasts renown director Liu Xin, famous screenwriter Ms. Chen Huiru, and fashion stylist Chen Minzheng, who worked together to guarantee the quality of the drama. ¡°Office¡± is directed by newcomer Li Muge, and stars Wang Yaoqing, Pan Zhilin, Wei Qianxiang and Cherrie Ying. With the stylish and beautiful urban workplace as the drama¡¯s backdrop, ¡°Office¡± tells the tale about navigating love and conflict in the office environment. The play will be exclusively broadcasted on Beijing TV in May.

Since its founding, HLBN has been committed to reaching out to overseas markets as part of China¡¯s soft power initiative in order create content for a global audience. By participating in a variety of international film and television show events, studying broadcast platform preferences in depth, and conducting business discussions around the world, HLBN has established a rich network of overseas channels, giving HLBN higher name recognition with its overseas counterparts. By participating in this exhibition, HLBN not only further expands the influence of the company's dramas with overseas distributors, but also actively expands the company¡¯s global business networks. "Based on quality focus in the market", HLBN will continue to create outstanding film and television works for audiences at home and abroad.

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