HLBN Attended the 2017 TIFFCOM in Japan
TIME:2017-11-14   AUTHOR:HLBN

On October 26th, the four-day-long 2017 TIFFCOM came to a successful conclusion in Tokyo, Japan. During the event which included an international entertainment content market, HLBN presented overseas clients with many high-quality TV dramas including in-house produced titles such as The King¡¯s Woman and Midnight Diner, as well as other outstanding TV dramas distributed in international markets exclusively by HLBN, including Lost Love in Times. ".

The 1st annual TIFFCOM took place in 2014, organized by major players in Japanese TV industry including NIPPON TV, FUJI TELEVISION and NHK, with the participation of a large number of influential film/TV production companies and agencies. Since then, industry professionals from all around the world have been drawn to TIFFCOM. This year, over 400 companies from 27 countries participated in TIFFCOM, and more than 1600 buyers from 48 countries and regions were present. This year¡¯s attendance marks the highest attendance ever recorded for the event. .

At this year¡¯s TIFFCOM, HLBN both continued to promote its role as a Chinese drama powerhouse in overseas market .The future for HLBN looks bright as the company continues to produce and export high-quality dramas for audiences worldwide.

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