Founded in 2002, Beijing HualuBaina Film&TV Co. Ltd. is aChinese media and entertainment companythat covers television dramas, films, reality TV shows, marketing, sports, and talent management.  

HLBN is renowned for its high-quality works in the field of television and film. HLBNí»s line-up of hit TV dramas include The Great Han Wu Emperor, Doudou and Her Mother-in-Law, Before Dawn, Marry Me, along with other well-known domestic titles. HLBNí»s past hit films include, The Founding of a Republic, The Beginning of the Great Revival, Black & White Saga, and Where Are We Going?Dad. HLBN has also produced a wide range of popular reality shows includingUltimate Crossover, The Greatest Love,Duets, Muse Dress, The Legendary Swordsman, Top Funny Comedian, and The Exploration of the World.

HLBNí»s subsidiary BlueFlame has established itself as a leader in marketing across multiple platforms, managing the marketing of several influential leading domestic brands, and helping reality shows operate content-driven marketing campaigns. In the sports industry, HLBNí»s subsidiary Hualu Sports has become an emerging sports marketing service provider, highlighted by its exclusive rights toEuroLeague Basketballí»s business in China over the next fifteen years. In terms of talent management, HLBN focuses on developing upcoming talents and providing its actors and actresses with excellent opportunities and promising futures.

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