Hualu Sports Co.,Ltd, a joint venture between HLBN, a leading comprehensive culture and media group in China, and BlueFlame, a vanguard in content marketing, was founded in July 2015 with a joint investment of 500 million RMB.
Hualu Sports combines the differing specializations of its parent companies in the fields of sports and entertainment. The company¡¯s business model includes three main aspects: Model 1.0, Sports Marketing, involving the operation of key sports events, such as the top soccer leagues, including CSL and CFA, and the exploration of its markets; Model 2.0, Sports IP, referring to the acquirement and in-depth exploration of the Chinese and international top-class sports intellectual properties; and Model 3.0, Sports Media Operation, which involves establishing strategic partnerships with leading media in the development of sports media to remain a leading industry competitor, attract sports audiences, and develop derivative businesses. 


Sports Marketing
Exploration of the sports market with top soccer intellectual prop-erties as the starting point 

Market exploration of top football intellectual properties (IPs) is the starting point of Hualu¡¯s marketing strategy. One by one, Hualu Sports has established business development partnerships with many top football IPs in China, including the CSL and CFA Cup. In August 2015, Hualu Sports joined hands with Skyworth.

Sports Marketing - Events

The exploration of the sponsorship rights of CFA
The exploration of the sponsorship rights of CSL
The exploration of the sponsorship rights of CFA Cup
The exploration of the sponsorship rights of AFC and AFC Champions League

Sports Marketing ¨C Clients

Skyworth sponsored CFA CHINA TEAM
Gionee sponsored CFA CHINA TEAM
Red Bull sponsored CSL

Sports Intellectual Properties and Media Operation
The Development and Operation of the Self-owned Top IPs

In terms of the development and operation of its self-owned top IPs, Hualu Sports emphasizes Euroleague Basketball. In July, 2015, Hualu Sports entered a partnership with Euroleague Basketball, acquiring 75 percent of its shares with 34 million RMB to exclusively manage its business rights in China. The expected overall cooperation period is fifteen years, with goals set every five years. With a key strategic goal of bringing Euroleague Basketball to China, Hualu Sports will strengthen the brand image of Euroleague Basketball domestically.

The Bridge between the Copyright Holder and the Broadcast Platform

In a successful experiment in the field of sports media,Hualu Sports introduced La Liga to Chinese viewers on BTV (Beijing Television) in the form of a live broadcast, and reached wide popularity among large domestic audiences. This unprecedented experiment marked the first broadcast of a top international sports event on a local domestic television channel, and helped effectively reframe the brand image of BTV into something much more high-end.

Resources on the cooperation between Sports IP and Media Op-eration

1.The exclusive business rights of Euroleague Basketball in China over the next fifteen years 

2.The exclusive operation rights of La Liga on BTV

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